Buxton Well Dressing

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The 2024 Well Dressing will run from 5th to 14th July.

For more information and entry forms please visit the Carnival page.

Because this is such a huge community event, we do rely on the support of many volunteers to perform many different jobs throughout the year such as Advertising, Social Media, IT support, Dressing Board installation, Petallers, Carnival Marshals and many other tasks.

If you could spare a couple of hours to help ensure the continuation of these historic traditions then don’t hesitate to get in touch at any time by clicking the button below and completing a contact form.

2024 Well Dressing (photos courtesy of High Peak Photography Club)

Book on Buxton Well Dressing published

It was a long held dream of Anne Gould, who had dressed the Buxton wells since 1987, to publish a book on Buxton well dressing. This book is based on the extensive archive collected by Anne. Sadly Anne died in 2019 and the book is dedicated to her memory and her love of the art of well dressing.

The book tells the story of the start of the Buxton well dressing from 1840 onwards, against the back -drop of the town’s history. It is fully illustrated with over 90 photographs of wells dressing.

The book is available to purchase at many locations around Buxton; all proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the Buxton Well Dressing Festival to help keep this beautiful tradition alive.

History of Buxton Well Dressing

Buxton Well Dressing and Carnival is celebrated each year during the first two weeks of July. In 2020 it was 180 years since the tradition first started in Buxton.

In 1840 residents of Higher Buxton were overjoyed when fresh water arrived at the Market Place Fountain. As thanks to the Duke’s workmen local people arranged a floral dressing and tea party accompanied by Brass Bands and dancing children.

These events could not happen in Buxton without the great community support we receive. We could always use the help of a few more willing volunteers, if you could spare just a couple of hours please get in touch.

We have many opportunities for volunteering as both the Well Dressing festival and carnival are organised by volunteers. We work closely with the council but provide all the organisation ourselves. We always require many people on the week of the festival to help organise and marshal the parade as well as prepare the well dressings. Our organising committee meets throughout the year and is always looking for people to lend a small amount of time to ensure this local community festival continues.

That is how Buxton Well Dressing and Carnival Parade began, a custom that continues today and thrives as a wonderful part of Buxton’s illustrious heritage.

Other Well Dressing festivals

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