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Buxton Well Dressing and Carnival to return in 2022

This year people can expect the usual two week event.

Committee chair Richard Lower said: “Saturday, July 9 – mark that date on your calendar because fingers crossed if nothing changes the carnival will be taking place then. ”

“The well dressing will take place beforehand and the fair is coming back too.”

Richard said: “Organising the carnival is a big job. It takes months of planning and lots of volunteers beforehand and marshals on the day to make it happen.”

“Our last carnival was 2019 so I’m delighted to be back this year but since then people have either moved away or died so we could really do with some more volunteers.”

“We know there is an appetite for people to come to the carnival but we would love it if you could spare a few hours to make it run as smoothly as possible.”

Rescheduled Buxton Well Dressings 2021

After cancelling Well Dressing in Buxton in 2020 the Well Dressing Committee was determined to carry on their ancient Derbyshire tradition, at least in part, in 2021. It was felt to be too soon to organise a Carnival but St. Ann’s Well was dressed, on show from Saturday 4th September for a week.

Just one well was dressed so that the volunteers could maintain social distancing during the process.

The design commemorated the 70th anniversary of the Peak District National Park and also the buildings of Buxton to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Pavilion Gardens and the re-opening of The Crescent.

“The countryside and the parks of our town have been such a solace during lockdown. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful area and lovely town we wanted to celebrate these milestones”, said Christine Gould, Buxton Well Dressing Secretary.

A Blessing Service was held on Sunday 5th September at St. Ann’s Well with a small procession starting from Spring Gardens at 2pm. Music was provided by Fairfield Band.

History of Buxton Well Dressing

Buxton Well Dressing and Carnival is celebrated each year during the first two weeks of July. In 2020 it was 180 years since the tradition first started in Buxton.

In 1840 residents of Higher Buxton were overjoyed when fresh water arrived at the Market Place Fountain. As thanks to the Duke’s workmen local people arranged a floral dressing and tea party accompanied by Brass Bands and dancing children.

These events could not happen in Buxton without the great community support we receive. We could always use the help of a few more willing volunteers, if you could spare just a couple of hours please get in touch.

That is how Buxton Well Dressing and Carnival Parade began, a custom that continues today and thrives as a wonderful part of Buxton’s illustrious heritage.

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