Well Dressings 2017

2nd to 10th July at St Ann’s Well in the Crescent, Higher Buxton Well on the Market Place and the Children’s (Taylor) Well in Spring Gardens.

Many more events taking place including the Carnival Day Procession starting 2pm on Saturday 8th.

Carnival Entry Forms available to download here. Please post your completed form. We are unable to receive online applications.

Welcome to Buxton Well Dressing website

Welcome to the official web site of the Buxton Well Dressing Festival, featuring our latest news and information about the history of Well Dressing which began in Buxton in 1840.

Buxton Well Dressing and Carnival is part of a historic tradition, celebrated in towns and villages throughout the Peak District and Derbyshire. This custom occurs between the months of May and September each year.

History of Buxton Carnival & Well Dressing

In 1840 the residents of Higher Buxton were overjoyed when freshly piped water was made available at the Market Place Fountain courtesy of the 6th Duke of Devonshire.

As a thank you to the Duke’s workmen, the townsfolk hurriedly arranged a floral dressing on the Fountain, followed by a tea party and then a procession of Brass Bands accompanied by dancing children.

That is how the Buxton Well Dressing and Carnival Parade started in 1840. A custom that continues today and has now become a proud part of Buxton’s great heritage.

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